450 runners in 20 cities together make the AUM a success

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The VI Anantapur Ultramarathon (AUM) concluded on 23rd January, 2021 in Bukkarayasamudram, Anantapur as well as in 20 cities of various countries like Spain, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, USA, among others.

Due to the pandemic, this edition was uniquely organized with 450 athletes running in their respective cities, out of which 50 runners participated in Anantapur. These runners started from RDT High School for Hearing Impaired Children in Bukkarayasamudram and covered a distance of 20 KMs in four teams.

“This event holds a special place in our hearts as every year runners from different parts of the world join us in Anantapur. Due to COVID, they couldn’t be with us here but by organizing it in their own cities, they have shown their solidarity and affection. I want to congratulate all the runners and especially those here with us in Anantapur for making this edition special,“ stated Moncho Ferrer, RDT Programme Director, at this event.

Every year, the runners outdo themselves. The participation doubled as compared to last year and the runners and raised around Rs. 1.5 crore which will be used to support RDT’s causes of mitigating the harsh impact of COVID-19 and for the education and healthcare of children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Anantapur district.

“I couldn’t participate in the AUM last year but I am so glad to run this year. This year I missed the runners from other countries as well as the overnight run that made AUM so special. Nonetheless we did our best here and I am glad to support RDT’s cause,” shared Jyothirmai, a student athlete at Anantapur Sports Academy.

Interestingly, January 23, marks the date when Vicente and Anna Ferrer arrived to Anantapur with the purpose of working towards eradicating poverty, injustice and suffering – a mission that now goes on through the work of RDT and through initiatives like the AUM.

Here’s a glimpse of the event:


Excited along the way. ©Felita Viegas/RDT


United in their passion about running and social change. ©Felita Viegas/RDT


Dancing to the beat of drums after finishing the second relay. ©Felita Viegas/RDT


Workers in the field came along to cheer the runners. ©Ernest Abhishek/RDT


Dedicated and focused ©Felita Viegas/RDT


Running beside the Bukkarayasamudram Hill. ©Ernest Abhishek/RDT


Girl power always inspires us! ©Ernest Abhishek/RDT


Closer to the finishing line. ©Felita Viegas/RDT



We did it! #1Km1Life ©Ernest Abhishek/RDT


Text: Felita Viegas

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