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  • On 23rd and 24th January, 76 runners covered a distance of 170KMs as part of the III AnantapurUltramarathon, the only relay ultramarathon in India.
  • This is a fundraising event of RDT to improve the lives of the underprivileged communities in rural areas.
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The third edition of the AnantapurUltramarathon (AUM), one of the most popular events in Anantapur, concluded on 24th Janurary, 2018 as the marathoners arrived at RDT Hospital, Bathalapalli, the finishing point. A total of 76 runners, including many from Spain, started the race on 23rd January, 2018 at 5 PM in batches at Yerragunta, a village in Telangana.

The athletes covered a distance of 170 KMs through villages and countryside landscapes that are a part of RDT’s integrated development programme.Organised in groups of four, each person ran 40 KM in relays of 10.

The event was made brighter with the enthusiasm of the locals who cheer the participants on through villages and celebrate with music and dancing at every transition point. It also presented an opportunity to the runners to know the communities in a personal manner.

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The objective was to raise funds for 36 families living in Yerragunta, the starting point, and facilitate access to quality and basic services such as water, sanitation, education and housing.

For Hari, a student at RDT’s Professional School, the AUM has been an unforgettable experience. He sees it as a unique opportunity to promote unity through sport.

Young Madhava, who is only 18 years old, managed to run 12 kilometes at the event. “Thanks to this ultramarathon, many young people and children can have a better life. I will persevere to run 40 KMs in the next edition,” stated the young runner.

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The underlying emotions among all Indian runners are shared. Swaroopa, Lakshmi, Devika and Sandya – among others- stated that “the ultramarathon is a joy for all.”

“We had great fun completing this race together.By participating we can improve the lives of many. In this race, we are all equal,” they expressed in unison.

Text: Aina Valldaura

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