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2019 was a difficult year for Achari family. It was a year when soon after the birth of Achari twins, the family discovered about one of the twins- Harshavardhan’s clubfoot. “Though they entered the world together, the twins would not be able to walk on it with the same pace”, worried Padmavathi, their mother.


Three months after his birth, the family was still learning how to navigate through Harshavardhan’s condition. They took him to the nearest government hospital in Kurnool district where they put some bandages around his feet. However, due to lack of proper medical equipment, his feet’s condition worsened.                                    © Nuria Navarro/RDT


It was only when through a word of mouth Naveen, Harshavardhan’s maternal uncle got to know about RDT’s mobile orthopedic workshop which was 20 kilometers from their house. They wasted no time in taking him there. From there, they were directed to go to the orthopedic centre in RDT Bathalapalli hospital where he underwent physiotherapy and pre-treatment.    © Nuria Navarro/RDT


On his sixth visit, Harshavardhan was given a pair of orthopedic shoes. “Initially it was very painful to see him wear these shoes as it hurt him very much. But it was for his better health and future”, narrates Padmavathi. Harshavardhan now feels comfortable in his shoes.  © Nuria Navarro/RDT


Three year old Harshavardhan has been wearing orthopedic shoes for over two years now. “We have seen a lot of improvement in his condition. Earlier his feet were extremely curled up. Now they look better. He has started to crawl and also makes an attempt to stand on his own!” explains Naveen Achari, his uncle.               © Nuria Navarro/RDT


Harshavardhan now wears two pairs of ortho-shoes- one during the day that helps with his mobility and the other pair at night. He still sometimes feel a little discomfort with the night pair as it keeps the legs together and restricts movements.      © Nuria Navarro/RDT


Regular travel to ortho-workshop in Bathalapalli was a tedious task. It is a 7 hour long bus ride from Atmakur to Bathalapalli, and for 7 hours, Harshavardhan sat in his grandmother’s lap who tried to keep his legs straight. “It would have been very helpful if there was a workshop near our place. It would have saved us hours of discomfort and travelling for his check-ups”, says Naveen who always accompanied Harshavardhan and his grandmother.      © Nuria Navarro/RDT


“The fact that a new orthopedic workshop will open soon in our area gives us much relief! It is not only a good news for us but for so many people who need assistance”, shares his family.        © Nuria Navarro/RDT


With a new upcoming orthopedic workshop in their area, The Achari family is now ready to step into a better future.  © Nuria Navarro/RDT



Text: Dyuti Khulbe/RDT

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