From Challenges to Triumph: Hanumakka’s Journey of Resilience and Entrepreneurship

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A quiet hum of mathematical calculations fills the air in the morning hours at Hanumakka’s household. Namratha, the eldest daughter, tutors her younger sister, while their mother prepares breakfast. This is the everyday morning routine of their life. Hailing from Madakasira, Hanumakka’s life has been a testament to resilience and hard work.

Hanumakka is among the 1,004 beneficiaries of the Single Mothers Project initiated by RDT. The project aims to support single mothers and foster their independence. It provides comprehensive support, including housing and income-generation activities and scholarships to their children for higher education. The initiative has supported single mothers in building a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Overcoming challenges with strength 

Hanumakka’s life had an upturn when her husband passed away from a heart attack. “We were held back in our lives for a while”, she says.  Her determination to provide her children with a better future made her stand strong. With the support of the Single Mother project, she received economic assistance to start a footwear business. She travelled from village to village, selling footwear, determined to provide a better future for her family. This relentless effort took a toll on her health, leading to severe back problems which forced her to rest for a few weeks. “The time was very difficult for us; our fees were due, and we didn’t have enough money to run the household,” says her elder daughter Namratha.

With a strong resolve, she managed to pay daily expenses and take care of her children. With the support of RDT, under the Single Mothers project, Hanumakka also started a petty shop which generated additional income. “I got to understand many skills and how to develop a business through workshops conducted by RDT which made me improve my business skills,” shares Hanumakka. Hanumakka’s idea of starting a footwear business became a reality with her dedication and determination to provide her children with a happy and healthy life.

“We have seen our mother work tirelessly for us, and it inspires us to work hard and dream big” says Namratha. Hanumakka’s journey is not only about her resilience and entrepreneurship but also an example of the transformative impact of support and determination.  Her journey to success is a reminder that every individual has the potential to thrive when given the opportunity. Let us join hands in creating a world where every person, like Hanumakka, has the chance to build a brighter future. Together, we can foster resilience, inclusivity, and opportunity for all.

Text and Images: Namratha Rao Malkar 

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