New oxygen generator inaugurated at RDT COVID-19 Hospital

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  • The inauguration was attended by Ms. Nagalakshmi Selvarajan, Collector and District Magistrate, Ms. Anne Ferrer and Mr. Moncho Ferrer.

  • The oxygen generating machine can produce 500 liters of oxygen per minute which will become of essential use to ensure a continuous supply of oxygen for the hospital.

A new oxygen generator has been inaugurated at RDT Bathalapalli Hospital premises at an event which was attended by Ms. Nagalakshmi Selvarajan, the Collector and District Magistrate of Ananthapuramu along with Ms. Anne Ferrer, Executive Director, Mr. Moncho Ferrer, Programme Director of RDT and Dr. Praveen Kumar, RDT COVID-19 Hospital Director.

This oxygen generator has been acquired thanks to the support and solidarity of thousands across India and abroad as part of the RDT Mission Oxygen campaign, which was launched in April 2021 to mobilize resources to mitigate the devastating impact of the second wave.

The certified oxygen generator can provide ‘on-demand’ oxygen by taking in atmospheric air and producing oxygen in quick and easy processes. A single oxygen-generating machine can produce 500 liters of oxygen per minute. “I am very glad to be part of such a special occasion. The acquisition of this oxygen generator for RDT COVID-19 Hospital is not only of relevance for the organization but for the entire region of Anantapur”, stated Ms. Nagalakshmi Selvarajan, the Collector and District Magistrate of Ananthapuramu who thanked the efforts of RDT to contain the spread of the virus in the first and second wave.


RDT Bathapalli Hospital was re-appointed as an exclusive COVID-19 Hospital on 19th April 2021, following which it received thousands of patients, most with severe symptoms and who needed continuous oxygen supply to sustain their lives. “All the beds in our hospital were occupied within two days of being reappointed COVID-19 Hospital. This generator is going to ensure self-sufficiency for our hospital and it will allow us to not be dependent on liquid oxygen suppliers, which has brought so much uncertainty during the last months”, shared Dr. Praveen Kumar, the Director of RDT COVID-19 Hospital. “We now feel prepared to face any challenges in the future”, he concluded.

Speaking about this need of the hour Ms. Anne Ferrer, thanked all those who have come forward to help and support RDT in these difficult times. “To have this generator finally up and running is a silver lining that shows us that together we can defeat this virus. However, if this pandemic has taught has something important is that we cannot let our guard down”, stated Ms. Ferrer, RDT Executive Director.

As part of Mission Oxygen campaign, it also has been possible to acquire essential medical resources such as oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, PPE Kits, pulse oximeters among others and provide nutritious food for the patients and the staff,. “With the generosity of our friends in India, Spain, Germany and USA, RDT’s Mission Oxygen has gained momentum”, added Mr. Moncho Ferrer.

RDT Bathalapalli hospital staff has been working round the clock with the commitment to provide healthcare for those suffering during this second wave. In order to support the efforts of the local authorities and respond to the spike in the number of cases during the month of May the hospital increased the number of beds with oxygen supply to 278.

“The cases have been progressively decreasing during the last few days but RDT will continue to be at the frontline supporting the local authorities in providing access to all those in need and giving awareness”, concluded Mr. Moncho Ferrer.

Since the first wave RDT Bathalapalli hospital has treated more than 8,200 patients, 2,000 of which were during April and May this year. Hundreds of people who could not be admitted in the hospital were also provide with consultations at the triage and followed-up when in home isolation.

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