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  • Around 400 people from RDT and IDT participated in the plogging Fit India event organised on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • The aim was to raise awareness on plastic pollution and the importance of fitness through slogans, rally, monologue and a waste-collection drive.

The team that participated at the 2 KM plogging eventAll over the world there is an increasing awareness on the harmful effects of single-use plastic on our natural resources and environment. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, appealed to the citizens all over the country to participate in a 2 KM plogging event under the banner of the Fit India movement on 2nd October, 2019.

This event was organised in Bukkarayasamudram, Anantapur by Rural Development Trust wherein over 200 students from the RDT High School for Speech and Hearing Impaired, 30 artisans with disabilities from the handicrafts centres of Integrated Development Trust (IDT), 46 students from the Professional School of Foreign Languages and 80 staff members participated in the event. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the children and youth during this event, they were joined by the government employees such as the Mandal Revenue Officer and Mandal Parishad Development Officer.

Everybody rallied together chanting slogans on plastic pollution and importance of fitness and health while picking up waste to raise awareness for better environment care. Here are a few pictures from the event.

The group gathered together to set out for the rally.


Marching through residential areas while chanting slogans on plastic usage and fitness to reach out to households.


A human chain at the market centre in Bukkarayasamduram to raise awareness through speech and slogans.


Bhargavi, a student from the RDT High School, performing a monologue.


The banner carried by the students


Students and employees of RDT picking up litter from the streets.

Through this event RDT urged everybody to come together in taking positive and eco-efficient measures for the environment. The planet is ours to take care of, so every small step matters.


Pictures: Ramamohan, Text: Felita Viegas


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