RDT reaches out to more than 12,000 families affected by the Andhra floods

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“We are here to support the people. Andhra is our state. It is time to help,” stated Ms Anne Ferrer on Sunday 29th November while the RDT  emergency relief teams were leaving for the worst affected area by the floods in Chitoor and Nellore districts.

Since November last week and until 10th December,  RDT emergency relief teams provided basic provisions and essential items to over 5,000 families in Chittoor district and over 6,500 families in Nellore district after the severe floods in November 2021.

RDT emergency team in Nellore reached out to 16 areas across the district with the support of the local organisation Lions Club. In Chittoor district, local NGO RASS supported the endeavours of the RDT team to reach out to 12 affected areas. In both districts, the organisation’s efforts are coordinated with the local authorities assisting in the area.

“The floods badly affected the lives of people. People everything, including their livelihoods. We visited the worse affected villages and identified people who need immediate relief and provided them with basic necessities like essential groceries, clothes and blankets. We worked hand in hand with the local authorities and NGOs who helped us in alleviating the suffering of people in these difficult times” stated MD Rafiq, who lead the team in Nellore District.

A medical team that was dispatched to Chittore treated over 1,200 persons in one week. “The floods deprived people access to health care as it impacted the transportation and roads. We treated people with diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and provided them with medicine sufficient for 30 days.” said Dr Manoranjan, the doctor leading the team. “We have visited some people in their homes because they could not come to the clinic,” added the doctor.

The two emergency teams, comprising 22 staff members, left for the affected areas on Sunday, 28th November, from Anantapur. “We are ready to join the efforts already being put in the areas by the Government authorities, local organisations and civil society in relieving the suffering of the impacted people. We are guided by the value of solidarity among people working hand in hand”, stated Ms Anne Ferrer during the dispatch.


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