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  • The International Women’s Day celebrations are being held from the 3rd of March to the 24th of March in 719 villages.
  • Over 56,016 women across 719 villages celebrated International Women’s Day with rallies which raised awareness of the importance communities have in empowering women.

One could feel the excitement in the air, with the sound of drums and people singing along. As a tribute and honour to the union of women, people, regardless of gender and age, danced and expressed their joy with slogans “equality for all” and “education for girls”.

RDT celebrates International Women’s Day in 719 villages across 38 areas in and around Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states; the celebrations, which started on March 3rd, will continue until March 24th. Various women who excelled in their day-to-day life despite their tough circumstances through income generation programs were appreciated during the events. The celebrations, which were headed by the Self-help groups and villagers, conducted rallies and discussions and awareness on various topics related to women.

Image Credits: Vasu Kalavapalli

The women’s day celebrations urged everyone to respect women throughout their lives and not only during women’s days but to behave responsibly by treating everyone equally and be role models for the future generation as they observe the surroundings and learn.

In the Cholasamudram village of the Uravakonda region, the International Women’s Day celebrations were led by 150 families and 148 women. Addressing the celebration at Cholasamudram, Visha Ferrer, Women Empowerment Director, said, “Each one of us has the capability to support the women around us and turn their hopes and dreams into reality. That’s why we say when we help empower a woman, we empower communities and nations.”

Nagamani, network leader of Cholasamudram Women Sangham, cheerfully adds, “we as women were not very active in the past. But now that I go out and represent my community, I realise when women come together, it’ll create more opportunities and more confidence.”

People participated in various activities held at the event, such as games, dances and a skit on issues faced by women and the importance of helping women in empowering themselves. Similar activities were held in many villages across the state. 

Image Credits: Cristóbal Sánchez Ruiz

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