Growing up in a pandemic

Children look at the world differently from adults and are the most vulnerable because they are growing and shaping their thoughts and beliefs. With childcare programs closed and social distancing measures in place, many children are missing out on opportunities for development. It is time to listen to their voices in order to help them learn. What happens when a generation grows up in such turmoil?

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Delivering hope

door to doors

Solace to mothers and newborns against the looming threat of a disability. Shortly after giving birth to twins at the RDT Kalyandurg Hospital, one of Sunita’s babies was experiencing difficulties in breathing 

and in being fed while having abnormal sugar levels. This is when the destinies of Chandra and Sunita’s met.

Inclusion begins

at home

Here’s how the pandemic entirely changed the dynamics of a decade-long programme. All RDT rehabilitatin centres for children with Cerebral Palsy and 

Intellectal Disabilties were forced to shut on March 2020 but not even the pandemic can prevent the therapists from giving their best to reach out to the children in need.

The school of

the pandemic

A unique solution to ensure access to education amid a pandemic. If the children can not go to the school why not the school goes to them. 

Innovation and committemen to ensure every child’s right to education.

Phone screens: The new normal

of COVID-19

With COVID-19 pushing people into the confines of their homes, the world went online, including education. This had its own implications because while those with resources could quickly adapt to this change, many others took time to figure out this new domain.

This, too, was the case at RDT Professional School of Foreign Languages.

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