Knowledge Save Lives

Busting myths and spreading awareness are two most important steps toward prevention, and when combined with creative tools, it spreads expansively. When the pandemic hit the world, most of us lacked knowledge of how to contain the spread. However, there were people determined to unfurl their unique talents to spread information about the virus and the precautions we need to take.

The coronademon

To the beat

of the drums

I have never imagined being where I am today. My parents are farmers, and their only son’s life was going to be the same. 

However, I am fulfilling my dream of turning culture as an ally to broaden the horizons of our community

Turning walls into canvas

Brushstrokes Vs COVID-19:

Can art travel faster than a virus?

Neighbours from Gundiganipalli woke up one day to a surprise: some mysterious murals had appeared around their town to ask people to wash their hands often, wear a mask and stay home.

Behind this work was Somashekar, a student of Fine Arts who clearly found his mission when the pandemic began. As misinformation and the coronavirus spread in rural areas, he took his brushes to make his message travel faster and protect his community

#RDTAtTheFrontline – Mask Making

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