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This year has been a milestone for us, as Rural Development Trust (RDT) completed 50 years in Anantapur. The organisation was founded in 1969 with the vision that, together with the people, we can bring a change in the lives of the poor by providing them with the tools and resources to make a dignified life for themselvesa goal that we strongly believe in and continue to pursue.


We can proudly say that we have made it happen, thanks to the help and trust of our supporters, the communities we work with and the Government. And as it is our dharma we will strive to reach as many poor as possible, for which we need your support.

Apart from celebrating the achievements, the 50th anniversary gives us great motivation to introspect and find ways to adapt and keep improving. As a result of this exercise, we have launched an entirely new website that we hope will improve our communication with the people within our project area, our donors and partners, staff, volunteers and –of course– anyone interested.

The majority of internet users in India, particularly in rural areas, access the internet through mobile, and the old website was making it difficult to many to get the information they needed. We hope that you will find the new site more accessible!

Here is what you can now do on the website:

Our work – You can now easily navigate through all our sector programmes and quickly understand the concrete goals and the projects we are implemented to achieve them. For those eager to learn more, you will find links to relevant documents at the end of each page.

Rural hospitals – Special emphasis has been made into our Rural Hospital page. All the departments and services are displayed in a graphic and neat manner. If you are a doctor, you will be able to find out the ongoing research undertaken by our medical professionals and access all medical publications. We are always looking for professionals dedicated to the betterment of people. We hope you are inspired by our work!

RDT – Learn about our identity and philosophy , the people at the front of RDT and read our financials.

Get involved – Many people asks us how they can join RDT. Whether you want to become part of the India for India’ movement, fund a project or work with us, this section will make it easier for you to find out how.

Media and publications – We not only want anyone to know our latest developments, we want to voice the amazing stories of progress and success  that we witness daily in rural India. Filter the news and stories according to your interest!

Let us know what you think

Do you want to share your views on RDT’s new website with us? We will be very happy to hear your comments and suggestions. Contact us by filling up this form or through our social media accounts.

Raise awareness – share the link

Once you have familiarised yourself with the site, we hope that you can share the link with your colleagues, friends and family. We hope to spread our passion and dedication and get more individuals join us in working towards a better future.


Moncho Ferrer, Programme Director 


We are working to reduce inequalities.

You can help us break the barriers to progress.


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