When dreams take flight: Nurse Sai Matha’s Story of Compassion and Hope

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Saimatha was a premature child who saw the world for the first time when she was 7 months old, back in 1972. She was very weak, weighed very little and was no more than the length of a forearm. Her parents didn’t think she would survive. They were daily wage labourers; with no land, house or a steady job and were forced to migrate from Mallasamudram village to Anantapur for a better future. “At that time, Vicente and Anne Ferrer started working in Anantapur District, Anne Ferrer went out every day in the neighbourhood to find families who were in need of assistance, and we, without doubt, were one of them”, recalls Saimatha. 

                                                                                       Young Saimatha

When she was 10, Saimatha was introduced to the healthcare system when her mother got ill. “When I saw the nurses treat my mother, look after her and give her injections, that’s when I thought I wanted to do the same as well”, recollects Sai Matha. She finished training in Nursing in 2002, and the year after, she started working at RDT Bathalapalli Hospital in the outpatient department. “I have been a nurse for more than 20 years.” Currently, she works in the gynaecology department, where she enjoys working the most.  “I feel fulfilled working with pregnant women and helping them with pain and complications.” 

It is the conscious effort of nurses who work tirelessly that plays a pivotal role in RDT’s efforts to make healthcare accessible to all. Throughout RDT hospitals in Bathalapalli, Kalyandurg and Kanekal, 421 nurses like Saimatha administer medication and provide emotional support so patients receive a comprehensive approach to their needs.

“Before, women used to give birth at home without the necessary resources and knowledge of the risks, but not now. They used to have 4 to 5 children per woman, but now it is only 2 or 3. RDT Hospitals see a line of patients who come from very far to be treated because they know we will take good care of them. We have been giving families awareness on various health issues, helping them identify their symptomsms better, and I believe this has given way to a lot of change.” She says, pointing out the evolution of healthcare in the area.

                                 Nurses, the unsung heroes of healthcare – ©Katia Álvarez Charro/RDT

Nurses are indeed the unsung heroes of healthcare, who provide compassionate care and support to patients and their families, working long hours while giving essential service. The expertise of nurses makes it easier for us to endure illnesses. RDT Nursing School, established in 2004, continues to equip aspiring nurses with the necessary skills and knowledge to become professionals and provides comprehensive nursing education and training through the General Medicine and Midwifery course.

Helping strengthen healthcare systems with nurses who impact the lives of countless individuals, each year, 44 nurses graduate from the RDT School of Nursing. They also gain proficiency in critical thinking and are given workshops to emphasise the development of strong communication and interpersonal skills, which help them to provide safe, compassionate, high-quality care in diverse healthcare settings, making them valuable assets to the profession.

“It is important to be patient in this line of profession. Being a nurse requires us to be quick on our feet, which is what helps us save lives with conscious effort. More than one thousand people avail of services at the RDT Hospitals every day. It is normal that at the end of the day, we are tired. We should remember that the patients are our driving force and that kindness can go a long way while treating them. It is through them that we can create meaningful connections,” Saimatha says. 

“Nurses navigate the path of healing and growth, hand in hand, patient and nurse,  in the pursuit of wellness and understanding. That is why it is also important to keep compassion close by and help people find hope at the most difficult moments of their life,” she adds. Ultimately, the essence of nursing lies not in medical procedures or technical skills alone but in the genuine connections that nurses forge—the connections that bring comfort, healing, and a glimmer of hope to those they serve.

                          Navigating the path of healing and growth together – ©Katia Álvarez Charro/RDT

Text: Katia Álvarez Charro, Mathusree Menon 

Images: Katia Álvarez Charro

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