Back to school: The online way

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My dream is to become a district collector but I can only achieve my goal if I can continue with my education, and this has been possible thanks to the tablets and the special trainings we have received”.

Roshi beamingly, 10th grade student at RDT Inclusive High School.

The COVID-19 outbreak has put the education and future of thousands of children at a crossroad. Since March 2020, educational institutions have adopted technology-based systems for remote learning. However, studying online is not feasible when children with different capacities do not have access to adequate tools.

Concerned about the situation of the students with and without disabilities and having witnessed poor attendance in spite of offering online classes, RDT took a firm decision: To provide a tablet, headphones, SIM card and data recharge, as well as installation and training to the 415 students enrolled in our institutions so they can continue their education without any hassle during this pandemic.

For students with hearing and speech impairment who use sign language, bigger screens are important to help them grasp better. “I like learning new concepts, but it is taxing for me to follow the signs used by the teacher because sometimes the poor network disrupts the video, including its quality,” says Srikanya who studies at RDT High School for Hearing Impaired Children.

“Every day a child cannot attend their class, it is a step back for them, their family and for theis country,remarks Dasarath, Disability Inclusive Development Director. 

We are working to reduce inequalities.

You can help us break the barriers to progress.


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