Ecovillages: preserving the environment for a better tomorrow

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“Five years ago, we had severe water issues in our village and because of it we were unable to cultivate on land or sustain cattle. We were  dependent on the water tank that came twice in a week. However, thanks to the well built by RDT and the workshops provided my crops are growing again”

Ramesh Reddy, Farmer from Papampalli Atmakur region

To combat the chronic issues faced by the people, RDT launched its 5-year eco village programme with an objective to create sustainable and diversifying livelihood opportunities. In the past five years, RDT has dug 116 bore wells and open wells and installed 63 micro-irrigation systems in Papampalli village that helped manage water sustainably and ensured water supply to the village. To increase productivity and lessen the dependence on rains, wet land and dry land crops were planted across 700 acres of Papampalli’s land.

Awareness on water management and the benefits of multicropping programs and the wellbeing of the soil were also discussed with the families.

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