Hundis of Hope: The India For India Programme

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Venkateshwari, a Women’s Sangham leader in Verrervenkatapalli, Kadiri, walks with her neighbour while singing the song: “Spandinchu, Sayam Andinchu” (Let your hearts respond and your hands help). They both are going to the Community Hall in the village, where they will celebrate the 12th year of the India for India Programme on April 9th.

                                          Venkateshwari: Women Sangham Leader

The India for India Programme is driven by the belief that small contributions, when combined, can create powerful change. In 2012, in this same spirit, a few hundred villages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana began with 40,000 Hundis, saving daily.

Today, in the 12th year of the “India for India” Programme, over 6 Lakh people from 3200+ villages participated, opening their 1,70,000+ hundies. This collective effort isn’t just about numbers. The money raised goes towards a cause chosen by the communities themselves: education and healthcare for children.

“I’ve learned that together, we can solve any issue. Donating individually may only help a few children, but when we’re united on a large scale, it allows thousands of children to access education and work towards a better future,” shares 20-year-old Latha about her experience of seeing the programme and the villagers coming together on April 9th every year.

20-year-old Latha about her experience of seeing the programme

But the impact goes beyond the initial goal. The generosity of these communities has allowed the programme, facilitated by RDT, to support even more projects. The aim is simple: enabling individuals and villages to work towards self-reliance and collective well-being. The beauty of India for India lies in the fact that it is not just about actions. It is a testament to the spirit of rural communities. As they celebrate unity and generosity through India for India, they are building a brighter tomorrow. 

Text: Mathusree Menon, Namratha Rao Malkar

Image Credits: Vasu Kalavapalli

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