Mother’s Day: A Celebration of Strength and Resilience

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Kantamma’s eyes were filled with pride as she watched her daughter, Arthaka, weave through opponents on the rugby field representing the state at a national-level championship. “Years ago, such a scene seemed like an impossible dream. As a single mother, every day I had to work twice as hard to ensure my children have a better life,” she says.

                                                              Arthaka and her Mother Kantamma

Kantamma, from Gollapalli, Madakashira, is one among the many other mothers who received support through the Single Mother’s Project. To celebrate the motherhood of such champions, we celebrated Mother’s Day in the Madakasira region across 5 areas: Madakasira, Lepakshi, Penukonda, Rolla, and Gudibanda, with over 320 single mothers participating in the event.

The event created an environment where mothers shared their stories of hard work, dedication, and care. We celebrated the strength and resilience of motherhood, creating a platform for mothers to connect, share their experiences, and inspire each other to overcome hardships in life with a smile. The celebrations allowed them to bring out their inner child and momentarily forget their worries.

Addressing the event, Women Development Sector Director Visha Ferrer said, “Mother’s Day is a celebration that will be remembered and cherished every time. I believe that single mothers are super mothers. These celebrations bring everyone together and unite us to celebrate and progress in everyday life.”

                           Women Development Director, Visha Ferrer addressing the event

The Single Mothers Project has supported 1,004 mothers by providing essential support, including Housing, Income Generation activities, and Scholarships for their children’s higher education. Arthaka’s story is one such success story. Arthaka happily adds,” With the timely support of the project, I not only completed my degree but also represented Andhra Pradesh in a National-level Rugby Championship.”

Celebrations like these bring mothers together, enabling them to support each other and foster a sense of community and resilience. The event was filled with fun and laughter as around 320 children participated alongside their mothers. Their heartwarming moments, along with heartfelt wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day, created a day filled with joy and unforgettable memories.

Text: Namratha Rao Malkar

Image Credits: Vasu Kalavapalli

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