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The struggle against the pandemic is not over yet. As India prepares for the third wave of COVID-19, RDT has joined hands with the authorities and civil society and is part of this initiative launched by the government to raise awareness regarding COVID-19 preventative measures, organise drives to encourage people to get vaccinated and motivate them to go for testing and to the quarantine centres set up by the state government if they test positive for COVID-19.

In Andhra Pradesh, RDT has taken the responsibility to generate awareness in 531 villages of Anantapur district. For this, different techniques are employed to get the message of- wear masks, wash hands, maintain social distance, and get vaccinated, across all villages to avert another wave of devastation.

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1. Door to door campaign:
In an endeavour to reach awareness at the doorsteps of the people, RDT has appointed a personal approach- where in, an RDT rural health organiser along visits the families in a village to inquire about their health status and remind them to follow COVID-19 preventative measures. There is minimum one rural health organiser for each mandal in the Anantapur district.   © Nuria Navarro/RDT


2. Mask distribution:
As wearing masks is now mandatory for every individual and also a punishable act if not worn, RDT is making an attempt to make this protective resource accessible to everyone. It is distributing washable and reusable masks that are stitched by the women supported by RDT across all villages.  © Nuria Navarro/RDT


3. Wall painting:
The burst of colours on walls with an awareness message catches attention of all the passers-by. People stop by to read the information and to also admire the art! ‘Walls that speak’ is one of the effective ways to reach out to the public.  © RDT staff


4. Pamphlets:
Written down in simple and easy to understand language, the pamphlets consists of all information regarding the COVID-19 and mentions the preventative measures that one must take.  © Nuria Navarro/RDT


5. Group sessions:
The group sessions are organised weekly in every village to provide a platform to all people- young and old, where they can listen to the updates on COVID-19, discuss their doubts and be reminded to adhere to all the precautions.  © Nuria Navarro/RDT


6. COVID-19 awareness drive:
In efforts to come together, to join the common cause- the fight against the COVID-19, RDT organises awareness drives where people from all age groups march around the village to raise awareness about COVID-19 while following all preventative measures.  © Nuria Navarro/RDT


7. Awareness vehicles:
With speakers attached to it, the awareness vehicles travels around the villages asking people to beware of the deadly virus while also asking them to stick to the four rules- wear masks, wash hands, maintain social distance and get vaccinated. Now, the mobile library in Adoni region has also adapted the same technique.  © RDT staff


8. Street theatre:
Street theatre is a powerful and impressionable tool to create an impact on the audience. When people see the COVID-19 virus being personified in the acts, it gets easier for everyone to understand about its severity and motivates them to follow the path of prevention© Nuria Navarro/RDT


Text: Dyuti Khulbe/RDT

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